Business Continuity: The Unexpected Happens, Be Ready®

Business Survival Partners corporate mission is to secure American jobs, commerce and infrastructure from threats both foreign and domestic.  We believe this mission plays a critical role in helping American companies stay competitive in a global market and in protecting the American entrepreneurial dream.

Leveraging the inherent strengths of business continuity planning, emergency action plans and disaster recovery planning, we prepare client operations for enhanced levels of resiliency with countermeasures for:

  • Threats to employee safety and productivity
  • Risk to customer trust and stakeholder confidence
  • Natural, Man Made and Technological disasters

We respect the fact that you have worked hard to build your company and we encourage every company to exercise, test and maintain a comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery plan. However, please guard against the temptation to believe that an IT Disaster Recovery plan alone will save your business from misfortune in an emergency.

Resiliency, Better Than a Second Chance

Resiliency is a business issue, not a technical issue.  While technology is the life blood of any modern company, it could be said its heart is the corporate vision.  Why it was created in the first place, what its goals are and how it operates in achieving those goals.

Securing all areas of business operations from the threat of disruption or disaster gives your company a fighting chance to ensure the future of its corporate vision.  From IT to inventory, financial integrity to the safety of your employees, business continuity planning is uniquely capable of helping you address the widest spectrum of operational risk and its threats to the long term viability of any business model.

What would happen if a fire wiped out part of your office building tomorrow?  Could you still achieve revenue goals if a snowstorm hit your biggest supplier, preventing you from shipping orders to your biggest clients?  How about a two week period where 35% of your workforce is out sick? These are just a few examples of business disrupting events that a certified business continuity planner can help you design answers for.

Companies that value operational resiliency know it’s not enough to have servers backed-up in the cloud or 911 on speed dial. Their confidence grows from planning ahead, finding answers to the question "what do we do when things go wrong?" and knowing they have what it takes to make informed business choices even under the pressure of limited time and resources to protect:

  • Safety of staff and customer priority goals
  • Critical information and company assets
  • Top line revenue & bottom line profits

What We Do

Business Survival Partners is committed to your success, working with your management team to identify operational risk and its potential impact on cash flow, personnel, brand value and even your client's priorities too. Our business survival systems can be customized to accommodate any industry standard or compliance requirement and are capable of meeting specific operational needs, budget requirements or unique business model.

Upon project completion, you can rest assured knowing your company is equipped to respond to risks that can threaten its strategic future and financial success. Strategic benefits include:

Safety Benefits

  • Remaining a visible and integral part of your community’s fabric even during an emergency.
  • Providing for employee safety before, during and after an emergency

Financial Benefits

  • Reduce exposure for company stakeholders on personal guarantees for business loans
  • Demonstrating good corporate governance and appropriate due care, limiting legal exposures
  • Increased credit worthiness and lowering the cost of money, a documented plan shows how you'll stay open for business and generate revenue, even under adverse operating conditions
  • Grow customer confidence in your company’s ability to take a hit and still deliver your products/services in support of their goals and contracted SLA’s
  • Identify and protect against threats to staff, operations, supply chain and top/bottom line revenues
  • Uncover hidden process improvements reducing costs, overhead & increase margins

Regulatory Compliance

  • Proactively account for regulatory & statutory compliance audit requirements