Business Continuity Planning Nashville,TN

At Business Survival Partners, our mission is to make Nashville a safer, more resilient place to do business. Securing American jobs, commerce and infrastructure from threats both foreign & domestic.

The Unexpected Happens ...

Whenever any company is forced to operate under emergency conditions, critical business decisions still need to be made and often with little time or information.

Maintaining a Business Continuity Management program gives any executive team the information and therefore the confidence necessary to make good business choices, even when operating under the pressure of limited time and resources.  Additional benefits include, but aren't limited to;

  • Reduced governance & compliance risks to policy level executives
  • Greater stakeholder confidence and customer trust in your company's value delivery chain
  • Keeps employees safe, lowering employee turn over rates and reducing HR costs
  • Helps reduce risk for company stakeholders on personal guarantees for business loans
  • Minimizes legal exposures, demonstrating appropriate due diligence as conditions required
  • Uncovers hidden process improvements, reducing costs, overhead and increasing margins
  • Competitive differentiator, protecting what drives earnings and growth

Be Ready

As any company moves, grows or merges, updates to their Business Continuity Management program are often overlooked creating inherent and residual risks along with a false sense of security that allows hidden risk to appear at the worst possible times. 

For example, quantifiable revenue losses of 8% - 32% are common even in moderate short term disruptions to business operations, however qualitative losses in reputation, customer/investor confidence, valuations, etc. only increase the cumulative impact any disruption can have on employees, profits and company growth.  

Does your approach to business continuity help you avoid losses like these ... or make them inevitable?

Resiliency, Better Than a Second Chance

At Business Survival Partners, we prepare companies to operate under emergency conditions, helping them test, review and maintain their existing Business Continuity Management program with

  • Exercises & tests of incident response capabilities  (employees & operations)
  • Reviews of Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis and Continuity strategies / plans
  • Gap analysis of Business Vision, Op's Plans and IT Governance policies & procedures 

We serve as independent third party consulting professionals and do not represent any manufacturer or service provider, only our client's best interests.  

Business Survival Partners is committed to your success.  We work together with your management team to identify threats, vulnerabilities and the risk of their potential impact to your company and your customers.  Our business survival systems can be customized to accommodate any industry standard or compliance requirement and are capable of meeting specific operational needs, budget requirements or unique business model.

Call or click to schedule a free onsite consultation. You can be confident that your time will be respected and invested well.  Thank you for choosing Business Survival Partners.